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Kezia's Headstone - Non-Literal Translation
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Kezia Headstone Translation

Shown on the left is a best effort, non-literal, translation
of the lettering on Kezia's Headstone at
Llanlluan Calvinistic Methodist Chapel
just a few miles from the home they had lived in since 1818,
Tanylan, a stone's throw from LlynllechOwain.

Throughout the nineteenth century, their home was called, variously;
Tanylan, Danylan, Tanlan and Danlan.
In the 1861 Census Return, it was called Danybank.
It is unlikely that Kezia, by then a widow,
would have moved or changed the name of her home,
as, by 1861, she had lived there for more than 40 years.
The writer uses the name Tanylan for all the above variations,
as it was the name used by his family
as far back as he can remember.

The error regarding the year of the death of
Kezia's daughter Mary, is noted within the translation
and elswhere on this website.

As always, may they all rest in peace

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