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Kezia Lewis - Timeline (1)
Kezia Time-Line (1),  (2),  (3),  (4),  (5),  (6),  (7),  (8)  &  (9 - Sources)
App(1) Tanylan Dwellings
Tanylan Dwellers
David & Kezia Hughes
Becky Rees's
Llanlluan Chapel
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Llanlluan Chapel
Cemetery & Front MIs
Family Grave
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Llanarthney Parish
Lleian Church
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Introduction: As well as being part of the recent general surge of interest in family history, the writer has also delved into the “Dame School” - “Ysgol Cesha” - at Tanylan around 1860 supposedly conducted by Cesha Davies. It is likely that the story emanates from the c1969 paper in the Carmarthenshire Antiquary, Vol. V, pages 80 – 82, by W. Lloyd Harris of Gorslas. It is also likely that the other instances are based on his narrative. The writer hopes to show that Mr W Lloyd Harris’s narrative is likely to be anecdotal as there was no Tanylan in the 1861 census. There was a Cesia Hughes, but in 1861 Tanylan was called Danybank, Cesia was a widow, and a Cream maker, aged 64.  Ceshia/Keziah/Kezia' cream making was no doubt the source of the milk related rhyme quoted in many of the listed sources9, 10. In 1859, her husband, David, died at Danlan, one of the variations of the name of “Tanylan” during the 19th Century. Further, according to the 1861 census, of the many, named “Kezia” Davies, the first of the nearest four, geographically, lived in Carmarthen, the second in Lampeter, a third in Talgarth and a fourth in Llantrissant, all inconveniently placed to run a Dame School in a remote part of Llanlluan. One reason for the confusion is that in 1881Census Return,  Kezia’s daughter, Mary Hughes, had become Mary Davies and was living in “Tanylan” with her husband David Davies, collier, and family. The writer therefore suggests that whoever promoted and promulgated the anecdote, believed that “Kezia” was David’s mother.  As a “Dame School” is involved, the writer deviates from a simple time-line for Kezia and her family into education in Wales and particularly Llanarthney, Llandebie and Llangennech in 1846/47, perhaps a watershed in the history of Education in Wales. Below, best efforts have been made to marshal the known facts supporting the writer’s thesis. 

Kezia’s Birth/Baptism

Kezia was born in Llangennech as Kezia Lewis and by guestimate around 1797. Whilst the writer, her great, great, great grandson uses the name she gave on her marriage entry in the Llanarthney Parish Register, her name, probably not by her choice, changed throughout her life, as will be noted. However, phonetically, the name remained the same essentially the same, throughout her life.

David’s Birth/Baptism

Her husband, David Hughes states he was born in Llangefelach, Glamorganshire, a Parish that bordered Llandebie. Again by guestimate, around 1897.
Keziah's Baptism
Keziah Lewis was almost certainly born on 2nd Janiuary 1798 and Baptised by Evan Davies at Ty Newydd (New House) Independent Chapel at or near Llangennech/Llanededy, Carmarthenshire, South Wales. As recorded inn the Chapel Register seen via the "Findmypast" website at the Bolton Central Public Library.
6th Feb 1818 Kezia  Lewis Marries David Hughes at St. David’s, Llanarthney1. It is likely that Kezia did not know that her name was written as Keziah in the Ty Newydd Chapel Register, when she signed her name, so carefully, in the Llanarthne Parish Church, 1818, Marriage Register. She would have been around 20 years of age when she married and as was the case with girls at the time, may not have had a great deal of schooling, if amny at all. However, it is clear from her writing that she is extremely proud of being able to write her name and in later years to set up a Dame School in her Tanylan home.
8th Feb 1818
Catherine Hughes Baptised
Catherine Hughes, [the writer’s great, great grandmother] - the LLanarthne Parish Baptismal Register, "daughter of David and Keziah Hughes, of Danylan, Labourer, is baptised by John Taylor, Vicar, at St. David’s, Llanarthney2

1st Jan 1819
William Thomas Baptised

Catherine’s future husband William Thomas, illegitimate  son of Peter Thomas and Sarah Lewis baptised at LlanfihangelAberbythych3
26th  Dec 1819 William, son of David & Keziah Hughes, Tanlan, Labourer, Herb. Williams Curate., baptised at St. David’s Llanarthney2 [Another William was baptised in 1829. It seems therefore that this William may have died in infancy]. Please see later for comment regarding Lingen and Herbert Williams - notice how he changes the spelling of Kezia and Hughes over the years- writer!
10th Sept 1823 Thomas son of David and Keziah Hugh Tanlan, Labourer, Herb. Williams, baptised at St. David’s Llanarthney2
3rd July 1826 David son of Dd Keziah Hugh, Tanlan, Labr, Herb. Williams, baptised at St. David’s Llanarthney2

10th June 1829

William son David Keziah Hugh, Tanlan, Labourer, Herb. Williams2. (He appears to have been their second child named William. Must check the Llanarthney Registers for death of their first William)
24th Jan 1832 John son of David Ketia Hughes, Tanlan, Labourer, Herb. Williams, St. David’s Llanarthney2
c1834/1835 Anne, Daughter of David and Kezia Hughes, born/baptised - (calculated from Census returns)5
c1838 Jane, Daughter of David and Kezia Hughes born/baptised - (calculated from Census returns)5
5th April 1839 Rees, son of David & Ketia Hugh, Tanlan, Labr, Herb. Williams, baptised at St. David’s Llanarthney2. Sadly, Rees was to live only for some 8 days
6th April 1839 Rees Hughes, son of David Hughes, Labourer, dies from Fits aged 8 days at Danylan, Llanarthney. Death Registered, 8th April 18394 - (Death Certificate - registration recently introduced in 1837 - writer)

1841 Census
(Note Tan-y-lan)

David & Kezia Hughes, Tanylan: David Hughes, 44, Ag, Lab.  Kezia Hughes, 44, William Hughes, 12, John Hughes, 10, Ann Hughes 7, Jane Hughes, 3.5 [The 1841 census gave adult ages to nearest 5 years & did not ask for parish of birth if outside census enumeration parish].   
Kezia Time-Line (1),  (2),  (3),  (4),  (5),  (6),  (7),  (8)  &  (9 - Sources)
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