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Appendix (1)     Tanylan Dwellers
Kezia Lewis at Danylan, Danlan, Tanylan, Tanlan, Danybank
Also Known As Kesiah, Keziah, Cesia, Cesiah - Hugh, Hughe, Hughes
But, As Can Be Seen, No Cesia Davies
App(1) Tanylan Dwellings
Tanylan Dwellers
David & Kezia Hughes
Becky Rees's
Llanlluan Chapel
Front (1)   Front (2)
Llanlluan Chapel
Cemetery & Front MIs
Family Grave
Transcribed Translated
Llanarthney Parish
Lleian Church
Front,  Rear
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Baptismal entry for Catherine Hughes, eldest daughter of David and Kezia at Llanarthne Parish Church
(Great Great Grandmother of the Writer/Webmaster)
Baptismal entries for some more of the children of Kezia & David Hughes at Llanarthne Parish Church.
David Hughes, 44 Yrs, Ag. Lab.; Kezia Hughes, 44 yrs, William Hughes 12, John Hughes 10, Ann Hughes 7, Jane Hughes, 3.
(Ages for adults given to nearest 5 years in this census - GGD.)
David Hugh, Head, Married, 54, Ag. Lab, Llangefelach, Glam; Kesiah Hugh, wife, Married, 53, Llangennech, Carms.; William Hugh, Son, 21, Taylor (Tailor - GGD), Llanarthney; Mary Hugh, 11, Daughter, Llanarthney.
Death Cert
David Hughes, Death Certificate. Age at death 62 years. The death was registered by Anne Davies of Eithinog, Llanarthney, by her mark X
Cesia Hughes, Head, Widow, Cream maker, 64, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire; Sarah Thomas, granddaughter, 8 months, Llanarthney.
(As mentioned; from dwellings locations, Danybank could be Danylan, enumerator error. It happened).
1871 Census
Cesia Hughes, Head, Widow, 72 years, Cottage, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire; Anne Hughes, granddaughter , 7 years.
1881 Census
David Davies, Head, Coal Miner, 30, Llandebie; Mary Davies, Wife, 38, Llanarthney; David Davies, Son, 7, Scholar, Llanarthney; Evan Davies, son, 7, Scholar, Llanarthney; John Davies, Son, 6, Scholar, Llanarthney; Mary Davies, Daughter, 4, Child, Llanarthney; Miriam Davies, Daughter, 3, Child, Llanarthney.
Death Certificate
Tanlan Cesiah Hughes, widow of David Hughes, died at Tanlan. Carmarthen Register Office Death Certificate
(Cesiah, Cesia, Kezia, Kesiah cannot be found in the 1881 Census Return - The Search Goes On)
1891 Census  
David Davies, Head, Married, 39, Coal Miner, Llandebie, Carmarthenshire; Mary Davies, Married, Wife, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire; John Davies, son, 16, Smith Stricker (Blacksmith’s Striker - GGD), Llanarthney; Carmarthenshire; Ann Davies, Daughter, 9, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire; William Davies, Son, 7, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire; Lydia Davies, Daughter, 6, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire; Hannah Davies, Daughter, 4, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire.
Tanylan David Davies, Head, Married, 49, Underground Repairer, Worker, Carms, Llanarthney [Should be Llandebie GGD], Both E & W; Mary Davies, Wife, 59, -–, Carms, Llanarthney; Miriam Davies, Dau, Single, 23, General Servant (Domestic), Carms, Llanarthney; Both E & W; Anne Davies, Dau, Single, 20, General Servant (Domestic), Carms, Llanarthney, Both E & W; William Davies, Son, Single, 16, Coal Heaver Underground, Worker, Carms, Llanarthney, Both E & W; Annie Davies, Grd Dau - [Miriam’s Daughter GGD], Single, —, Carms, Llanarthney, Both E & W.
1911 Tanylan David Davies, 60 yrs, Coal Miner - Under[? - probably] Ground Repairer; Mary Davies 69 yrs, his wife with 41 yrs of marriage, 12 children, 3 died, 9 surviving; Miriam Davies, Dau, 33 yrs, Single, Domestic Servant [Widow of Stanley Thomas William Saunders, KIA Somme 20 July 1916, she lived at Tanylan until her death aged 79 yrs early 1957/late 1956- GGD]; William Davies, Son, 28 yrs, Single, Coal Miner.
20th Century(?)

Tanylan Headstone at Llanlluan Methodist Chapel for David Hughes, died 1859; Keziah Hughes, died 1886; David Davies, died 1923; his wife Mary Davies, daughter of Keziah & David, died 1931; and their daughters, both named Hannah, the first died 15th November 1878 aged 8 years, the second died 28th September 1897 aged 11 years. When Kezia's granddaughter Miriam, died early 1957/late 1956 aged 79 yrs, "Tanylan" had been occupied by family members for perhaps 140 years!

Historical disposition of dwellings around Tanylan/Danylan/Tanlan/Danlan
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